Friday, May 21, 2010

My little brother is 50!!!!

Tony is  50????

How can that be, I still remember him as my little baby brother.
I don't think he looks 50, he still looks 5 to me.

 I  remember racing him home from the bus stop everyday after school.
I remember many raining days playing Monopoly.

I remember working with him upstairs at the office, just the 2 of us all day, 5 days a week, for years.

I remember the 1st bucket of balls that he laid in front of me & after not being able to hit 1 of them, he  told me he was sorry but there was nothing he could do, I needed to get lessons.

I remember all Aaron's baseball games he came to and embarrassed Aaron for screaming the loudest when his nephew hit or caught a ball.

I am very proud of my brother for many things, but most proud of the father that he has become.
He & Lisa are raising two of the most amazing young men that an Auntie can have.
And have I mentioned  what a wonderful brother to this lucky sister of his.

I love you Tony

We celebrated Brother Tony's 50th, on his boat the 
 Yachta Yachta
My little brother inherited my father's love of the sea and has to have a boat.  Some people are boat people and some are not. 
 I am not but I do enjoy the perks of it ...very much. 

Tony with his boys, Trey & Thomas

Brother Tony & Brother Don

Tony's beautiful family with the "Skipper" on board

Also on board was our Mom with all her Grandsons

The sisters-n-law

Uncle Tony here

My son Aaron with his family

Opa and his little Matthew Man

A good time was had by all!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Tony!~ What an awesome family you have all look so close and happy...I love it! I like your idea on the participants choosing their favorite finds...I just may do that:)

  2. Oh Kathy, this was such a sweet post. Specially the part you said he still looked 5 to you. I can see that from the first picture. Sometimes when I think of my little sister, who is only one year younger than me, i still see her in my mind's eye as being 10 and talking my head off on the way to school...