Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage Sale finds

Ok my friend Debbiedoos has a garage sale linky going on...I have no idea how to do this and will have to ask my blogging assistant (Melanie my daughter-n-law) how to do this.  It sounds fun so here goes:

My favorite recent garage sale finds
A Fitz & Floyd platter that matches my
Fitz & Floyd candle sticks

A couple of weeks ago Mom and I went shopping up north to see an artist that I LOVE Rhonda Addison.  She was having a trunk sale because she was moving to Montana with her new hubby and needed to clean her we went to a day spa with a lovely little boutique and I got one of Rhonda's paintings and mom bought me a set of Fitz and Floyd candle holders for Christmas..the cutest little reindeer.  Well these were on sale 50% off and they still were over  $100.....I loved them and can't wait to see them on my dining room table for the holidays....... 

So the next morning I went over to the Winterwood garage sale day....the homes (over 100)  in the development can open their garages only once a year and much to everyone's delight (the stuff is good) we get to spend and ENTIRE day in one neighborhood.  It is fabulous..I used to live there and it brings back so many memories that I look forward to it every year....well I found THE  Fitz & Floyd platter that matched my reindeer for.........$4.00....I asked the lady if that was her best price and she said "It's a Fitz & Floyd of course it's YOUR best price" ....I took it and danced all the way to the car...Mom was with me and couldn't believe it either!

I didn't think I could get a better deal until we hit the next house and it was full of linens....I needed a duvet to put our quilted blanket in...the Hubs sleeps very warm and hates anything but a sheet on him so I asked him if I got a duvet for the blanket would that would too warm.....he said it depends on the heaviness of it......well the most perfect soft duvet with the bottom of it being in a sheet material.  King Size $5.00 never been used!!!!  It is so perfect I still can't believe it. A hint of yellow to the creamy color so it goes perfectly.


Another find for $3 was a huge sign that says something in ...French????  Help don't know what this means I googled it and I think it was a sign for a company that sells french home wares???  Anybody know what this means.....I think something like family business?  Well I love the sign and have no idea what I am going to do with it but I just love it.

We stopped for gas on a trip around Mountain Rainier in the MGB with some friends last summer.  They guys went into the C-store and we went across the street to this really old antique store. A guy was in the rocking chair on the front porch trying to open the camera in his lap...I asked him if he was selling it and he said "can't get the damn thing open, how about 5 bucks"?  I love this  thing which the Hubs opened in about 30 seconds...yeahhhh

One last treasure is a set of book ends that My Sweet Savannah had for sale at a street faire last year.  I took them and made corbels for my new laundry room, they are perfect because of the holes in them so that when I need to hang things to dry I just put the dowl in!  They were $15 for the pair, have you priced corbels that was a find for me!



  1. You are way too sweet Kathy!~How ironic is this? Today I scored a Fitz and Floyd item for 1.50 could not believe it! You scored big on that Duvet, I love it, your room looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up....all you have to do is right click your link title, then go to my blog hit you are will see a place that you paste the link in...which is usually just shift insert key...then choose from the web and it will bring up your pictures that is it. Thanks so much Kathy for participating you are a real gem!~

  2. Great deals! The Duvet is beautiful! My French is a bit rusty (Ok really rusty) but I think the sign translates to "Family Bar." I love the camera, $5 is a great deal! :o)

  3. What awesome buys you found!! Saw your post on Debbiedoos' party!!

  4. Just wanted to let you know you have a new follower!! I just started a blog and am loving it!! If you are like me, it is cool to see new faces pop up!!

  5. Yes I am proud of glad you understood what I was saying, sometimes I can get lost in translation!~ Cool Kathy, now visit a few of the other gals, and before you know it you will be a pro at have such a beautiful blog and home to share and I am glad I am your first...that is a first of the firsts for me lol!!~

  6. Oh wow, I love all your finds! Everything is beautiful!!! I have a little shelf that had something in French on it, I looked it up but what it translated to made no sense at all! I ended up mod podging over it anyway:)

    I love your blog, I will add myself as a follower:)

  7. You found some great things!

  8. Hi Kathy!~ Yes you too did encourage me:) Glorify God though was truly the one who would almost hound the issue in a very good way.....Hope you are getting ready for my party this weekend, go garage salen, thrifting, etc.....

  9. You lucky lady! That camera is to die for.
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my guest post at The Shiny Pebble. I am off to explore your blog!