Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project: How big of a TV does he NEED!!!

Our "empty" nest
The fun begins!

I was informed this TV is just too small!

The Hubs loves to paint so we got started with Sherwin Williams "Nomadic Desert"
Where do I start......I had ordered a couch 1 1/2  years ago that sat here all alone.  The niche for the TV was meant to have our big old block of a TV in it, but while out shopping for a bed I left the Hubby alone sitting near an entertainment center at the furniture store....big mistake considering it was the weekend before Superbowl I should have know what he was pinning for.  The next thing I know he has bought the huge piece that was the perfect size for our 12 feet by 9 feet high niche and a TV to go in it.  The big old box TV that we hauled All the way down here is now in our bedroom.

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