Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend with Matthew... and the kids

Oh what a nice long weekend with Matthew.  We really got a chance to hang out a lot.  They got down here Wednesday night and Thursday Opa did most of the playing while us girls cooked.  Melanie made the most awesome Pear pie.  It is Gary & Aarons favorite.  It was a very relaxing day.
Black Friday Melanie and I took Matthew to Target for some shopping, it wasn't too bad out actually.  We had him back home for his 1:00 nap.  Aaron got home from work and took Melanie out to dinner and the Twilight movie.  It was Aaron and Melanies 5th wedding anniversary, dinner was at  Panera Bread which they just found here in Gig Harbor and LOVE!  Matthew fell asleep at 8:00 and didn't wake until 10:00 the next morning....Oma's touch!  Great Anniversary present for the kids!

Saturday Gary and Aaron tackled the outside Christmas lights (not an easy feat with this place).  We had to call the previous owners to find out how to turn on the lights where they plugged in up under the eves...found out they are on a timer with all the other outside lights so that works great.  Melanie and I did some running of errands so she could finish her project for me with the chandelier Christmas shades and we could come up with Christmas present ideas for he ready for leap frog yet? Opa thinks he is ready to start college and wanted to get him a learning toy for Christmas.

Saturday night I was exhausted and called it a night quite early and Sunday more running around to find more light hooks.  I took Matthew with me so that Melanie could get lots done on her projects. 

We stopped at Peninsula gardens and met LaVina, Crystal and Max.  Max is one month older than Matthew and did not enjoy sitting with Santa for pictures at all!  So I opted out of putting Matthew in that spot.  Peninsula Gardens is so beautifully decorated it really got me in the Christmas spirit.  This week I will work on getting that done around here.  Thought we would be able to work it in this weekend but that did not happen.

Lots of good memories from this long wonderful weekend with the kids......let the holdiays begin! 

Matthew learned lots of interesting new things this weekend, if you have a strong stomach watch the video below.....Aaron has his Dad's sense of humor!

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