Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Second Day in France, CAEN

Got up late today...9:30 and rushing to get down to the complementary breakfast before it closed at 10:00.  We really enjoyed this breakfast buffet of cereals, meats, cheeses, huge coffee cups for a latte (usually coffee comes in cups that Madeline would use for a tea party) but these cups were huge for once and Gary was thrilled.  I want this machine.....every cup came out looking like it should have had it's picture taken...swirly little foam of creme on the top....I should have taken a picture of it, darn!  The potatoes need to be mentioned because they didn't look like potatoes, more like a large slice of brie or smashed apple pie...but very yummy.  So much pastry...why are the french not fat? 

We hit the  Champagnerie Pannier first, I got to taste test a few (wish I would have had orange juice) it felt funny drinking so early.....  Annie had wanted me to bring her back some of her favorite, and the very nice lady went in the back and came back with 3, so....voila !  Then we went on to the Marine Cemetery at Belleau Wood just a few minutes out of town.  Very beautiful place, somber ring to say the least, thousands of crosses in marble there.

It was a long drive around Paris, very rainy and horrible traffic, we made it through and were glad to get on the road going west towards Normandy.  I have assumed Normandy is an area?  There is no Normandy on a map...but these details I am sure to find out tomorrow.  Oh and have I mentioned tolls.....we are on the main fast highway and so far it has cost us over $50 on tolls....yikess.  Maybe on the way back to Paris we will try some side roads and see how that is.

We got in around 4:30 to our destination Caen, pronounced Kohn. Picked it because the largest museum is close by.   Wish we would have stayed in a smaller place like the Malik's suggested, Bayeux,  I had forgotten about that when making reservations.  I just am not crazy about driving in these large cities and traffic.

Our hotel is the Novotel and pretty easy to find, had to make a couple of passes around it because it is located right on a roundabout and Gertie got confused (not me) her!  Very nice hotel, more spacious than last night and the bathroom doesn't smell of musty sour towels.

Well  I have to say that the French countryside along this very nice fast road full of tolls is, absolutely beautiful, all day Gary kept saying how he doesn't even know what to compare it to at home.  Small rolling hills with beautiful trees and lots of green grass with little villages in the hills and a Chateau here and there.

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  1. I'd like to clarify that the champagne Mom is getting me is for AFTER the baby is born and is absolutly the best I've ever tasted. Mom agreed. Although this champagne should not be ruined by orange juice as it is just too wonderful by itself.