Thursday, October 22, 2009

Normandy is a Region not a City....never knew that

Ok today was a Husband Day......early morning fantastic breakfast with other Vets we met in the "mess hall" then headed out to the war memorials and museums.  In Caen the French museum for WW ll, then onto Bayeau where all the beaches are that were taken..Omaha, Juno, Utah..etc etc.  The most glorious American cemetery where thousands of soldiers that died on D-Day are buried.  Huge and quite moving.  Our favorite museum though was a tiny one right by the Omaha beach landing.

My real interest came from seeing the homes and little towns along the coast and how cool they were re-built after everything there was destroyed.  How no matter how tiny the homes, they had the windows dressed with flower boxes, lots of hydrangea still flowering along with geraniums...hearty little souls.

A drive along the coast to the East brought us to the most unusual, interesting town of Honfluer....this is a destination that we should have stayed at.  Dinner there after a stroll along the marina was a real treat. 

This area needed much more of our attention, wish we hadn't booked Paris for another couple of days.  That is why sometimes going without reservations is a good idea.

We are exhausted after a very long day....Gertie did not do good at getting us to our hotel tonight....she gave up when we got close and figured we could find it on our own....45 minutes it took us in a 1/4 mi radius of going in circles......but tonight I got all the Glory of getting us home, does it sound like I am jealous?

Tomorrow Pictures I hope, camera battery is dead tonight.

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