Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Only 2 more days with the Baby Grands

The kids are enjoying themselves in Hawaii

it's so nice to give them a very well deserved 
oh man do they owe me

They will be home Friday...
ok so am I  a bad Oma if I'm counting the days?

this is exhausting work 
for this out of shape Oma

how can 2 cute little things like this be work you say..

sorry about all the blurry
mostly taken on my i-phone
and they move at such high speeds
I'm lucky to get any shots at all

we walk to the park everyday
~sometimes twice~
very good for me until today when the humidity got me
how can ya'll take this heat and humidity...
i needed the nap at the end of that walk
and well forget the hair..
it's no longer curly just frizzy

we bake cookies

sorry about the no shirt
I am finding clothes are very over-rated
all you have to do is wash them
what's wrong with no clothes?

"Oma, when we can take them out"
~this is said every minute~

not very good for me as i can't turn away a good cookie
Madeline and I fight over them 
thank goodness for the walking and sweating..

we play London bridge 
under Oma's legs

we watch the dog Sugar
chase her tail

we play stickers
sometimes first thing in the morning
before Oma's even out of bed

I love this picture of her soft face

lots of this all day..
notice my daughter used a gutter for the book shelf

watching the big kids waiting for the bus
oh how they dream of being able to do that

yesterday we ventured out shopping to 
thank goodness the neighbor girl wanted to go 
with me to show me how to get there


we made a jewelry box for mommy

ok so i got a C- in art..
but I can balance a checkbook to the 

we play dress up

Oma get this one off it's too

"please Madeline, Aunt Becky wants a picture of you 
in this pretty dress she got you"


"I want to put the warm soft coat on again"

then it's a bath and bedtime..

he looks so much like a baby
all wrapped up

lots of hugs and kisses
make it all worth it

then they fall asleep
I don't dare go into Charlie Bears room
after he's fallen asleep

only 2 mores days

but I miss my other sweetie

this was when he dropped me off

next time Opa's coming to help


  1. Kathy I know your enjoying every minute with those two cutie pies!! Martina

  2. What a fitness and weight-loss program!...and the sign-up bonus is the kisses and hugs and all those smiles. Those two are so very sweet, and your photos captured all the fun. It's clear that they're having the very best time with their Oma.

  3. Oh my goodness, your grand babies are cute. Those dimples are to die for! Glad you are enjoying your time with them. Your pictures are adorable! Safe travels home...
    XOXO ~Liz

  4. Awwwww! How cute! Whew-you have to be exhausted!