Sunday, August 14, 2011

Romantic Patio Party & dining room make-over

The other day while out shopping with my friend
remember the uber talented
seamstress~designer~ artist
we decided to go to the thrift store
serving dishes and chargers

they looked so pretty with food on them
they say white plates makes food look better
wish I would have gotten a picture of the
broccoli and carrots with strawberry yogurt as the dip
we had on Friday night with friends over
~it was pretty~
that was $2.99

I can see some pretty ribbon in those holes
at Christmas time
the tray was $1.99

then I got chargers
.99 cents each or .69
I  can't remember

I have square everyday dishes and I knew they would work perfectly
I don't have fun table runners for each plate
got to get some of those..
and I hate the plates being on my nice dining table
so these are perfect

My dining room has gotten a baby make-over

Jen told me a while ago to take the big
dining room table leaves out and make it smaller
so four people can enjoy a cozy meal
that way we will use it more
she was right

Then get a small table to be able to sit and enjoy the beautiful
outside setting with the waterfall feature

a place to have coffee and chat with girlfriends
never in a million years
would I have thought up that

I looked for a table on
until I found the perfect one
a perfect match
see how well the wood matches

I like to sit and look at my pretties
which otherwise pretty much go un-noticed

I moved a chest from upstairs down
to fill this area up

sorry this corner is dark and I needed a flash..
the chest is better though

she was right we really do eat here more often
even the two of us
then when the holidays come the leaves will go back in
for the 12 of us
I still love my china
Noritake Halls of Ivy
Oh no...I can't be thinking
of the holidays
we haven't really had a summer yet

The weather has warmed up somewhat so we
 did eat outside on Friday with the new chargers
I got some cool lantern type lights
that our friends helped put up

we're short a few strands and had to go get more today
I think then I can drape them more

but they make the place feel so romantic
I even caught some smooching going on...

we had a great weekend...
right up until we heard that our little
farmhouse was broken into :(

Did you all have a good weekend
my friends?


  1. Oh that does look fabulous. I sure wish our outdoor area had a roof...perhaps we may get a large umbrella. I am so sorry your farmhouse was broken in..that just stinks.

  2. Oh, no your Montana home? Hope they didn't tear it up. Love your new lights outside and that china cabinet is HUGE!

  3. Love the lights in the outdoor space. Just the right touch to make if perfect:)

  4. Kathy I'm so sorry to here about your other home being broken into! I hope there was no damage! Those string lights you added are the perfect finishing touch, they look great! Martina

  5. This is such a beautiful post! I loved all the thrifty finds.... rattan chargers for 69cent... score! And the corner wall color with the chest and picture is looking so pretty. You have a gorgeous dining room and I love all your crystal collection in your china.... beautiful outdoor space with the waterfall feature. So sorry to hear about the break-in at your farm house... hope everything is ok. Thanks for your loving comments. Happy Sunday to you.~Poppy

  6. First, I hate thieves! I hope not much damage. I bet they watched and waited for you to leave. Second that picture with the peturnia's and the waterfall in the background just doesn't look real! Looks like a fun time with friends.

  7. Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in...such an invasion and upset.
    Your friend gave you very good advice about the table. Why shouldn't you enjoy your lovely dining room when there are just a few of you?

  8. You know I love your home! It is just gorgeous!! The mini makeover is awesome!!!!
    and remember, we have the same light! Yours outside, mine inside!!
    I guess we both have great taste!1 LOL!!