Monday, August 8, 2011

Ever been to Banff, Canada?

I love
Banff & Lake Louise
we've been there several times
it's only a few hours
from our Montana home..
how lucky are we...

it is truly one of my favorite places on earth
I don't know why...
but it speaks to me
could it be the huge mountains
all around
or the world travelers speaking all different languages
Canada is french speaking in some areas

I thought these two pictures I took
could make a good ad for
~Banff Adventure~

or is it the fun shopping....
or is it......
~Evelyn's coffee house~
a coffee shop that has the best
hot cocoa and pies in the world..
it's the first place we head when we get there
~every time~
I remember the first year we went 3 times a day
they shave chocolate bars for the topping
I can't believe I forgot my camera on the kitchen counter
not like me
so the I-phone pictures will have to do

We spent a couple of days with friends in Okatoks
just south of Calgary
before driving over to Banff
we saw lots of
canola fields
bright yellows patches everywhere
very beautiful drive
see the Canadian Rockies in the distance
it took us 2 hours
then drove back home the same day through
Banff National Park
the entire day I never looked at a
couldn't take my eyes off the
beautiful drive

I wanted to stay the night
the Hubs wanted to get back to the farm
but he said maybe this winter
(a milestone anniversary)
we could come and see Banff in the winter
take the train up....
doesn't that sound romantic?

I'm not going to get my hopes up
but wouldn't it be nice to stay here...

The Fairmont at Banff
with the famous hot springs
Have you ever been to Banff & Lac Louise?
did you notice I picked up a little french
while I was there..tee hee


  1. How Gorgeous!!!! I've always wanted to visit. Hope you get to go the the Fairmont for your anniversary! And, on the train in Winter-how beautiful!!!
    Thanks for sharing your stunning photos!

  2. Oh those pictures brought back wonderful memories. My husband and I flew there (from NE) for our 30th anniversary. The color of those glacier-fed lakes is hard to believe! We went white-water rafting on the Kicking Horse River. So fun. Really, the most romantic place I've ever been! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. those pictures amaze me .. i love the view .. love it .. i want to go there someday

  4. Yes, we went on a bank conference probably four years ago before it all went sour. I know you know what I mean. I think that was our last good trip. We did stay at the Fairmont. Loved it. We drove up to the park and to Lake Louise. Went horseback riding from the Fairmont. My knees were killing me after a three hour ride.

  5. It doesn't look real! It has gone to the top of my list of places I want to see in person! Lucky you.

  6. I wanna go! Your photos are AMAZING! You are so lucky! XO ~Liz

  7. Wow! Those pictures are just gorgeous! I've been to canada once for my birthday several years ago but it was on the other side. Kinston? or something like that. We were living in NY around Watertown and just rode small ferry across.
    A train ride in winter sounds so romantic!


  8. We spent an anniversary at the Fairmont a few years ago ~ LOVE. Your pictures are gorgeous and brought back some wonderful memories. It would be so beautiful in the winter.