Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Backyard project

The Hubs and his new toy are

the other day he got a little project done

there weren't enough rocks for the steps
and there were lots of weeds
growing between them

He spent a few hours cutting back all the ground cover
then brought 3 rocks around

The digging part was hard



now he's back up working on another
clearing a space to put in a
garden next summer
a tree house for Matthew Man
this is what I'm dreaming of
I saw this on Layla's blog today
I don't think it's what he has in mind


  1. I say keep him on it, it looks like he his really making the area beautiful:)

  2. Your yard is beautiful, love the after! Atleast he's enjoying his new toy :)
    Can't wait to see the treehouse!

  3. Kathy you know how much I LOVE all your outdoor spaces, everything looks beautiful!! Martina

  4. WOW...wish my husband would want that toy LOL. looks awesome Kathy.

  5. Kathy,

    You guys are always improving and doing something cool. I love that! Your husband seems so happy with his new "toy", huh? And look at the results! It's great!

    I was smiling as I read your comment yesterday. "Matthew Man", huh? How cute! I love it! I love the name and the meaning of it and I think it's just perfect for our son.

    Also, wow! Your father got a 10,000 sq ft to decorate? If you're actually serious, I'd love to help you. I offer interior design services. Just let me know if you need anything, ok? :-) By the way, 10,000 sq ft is huge, but can you imagine the possibilities?

    Thank you again, Kathy for your support and you're always so supportive. It's always great to read your comments.


    Luciane at

  6. O, how beautiful this is. What a nice job your honey has done.

    When our little grandboys were..well..BOYS (they are men now), Mr. Sweet built them a tree house but no where even CLOSE to this.
    xo bj

  7. Do you know how much damage I could do with one of these???? This is wonderful, and I'm sure it made the tough job of working on your steps a whole lot easier.