Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Iron basket & a big ~wow~

We have been doing so much yard work
that I just had to snap some more pictures
of how things are finally progressing now that
we have had a few days of spring
notice I didn't say

This was in the garage when we moved in
so this year I decided to do something
~with it~

~The back door~

where 99.9% of guests enter 
~our home~
see that little arch on the right
that's the door

no one can find our
~front door~
(that's another post)

well this back door area needs to be fun
for summer
(this was at the end of fall)

So the Hubs screwed in some wood
for the back
found some moss in the back yard
not hard to do in the soggy
~ Northwest ~

put in some really good soil
& plants
 a big screw in the wall

a month ago

2 weeks ago

and today

Better right?
well since we've had very few days of
I am happy with the progress

thanks for the help
you know he's been so good with all this yard work
~this year~
he treated himself to a
father's day gift

it arrived today

now he really has work to do

forget the little basket stuff
he's got a
~big basket~
worth of work to do now!

It is kinda cute huh?

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  1. OMG, my husband loves to play on toys like that. He is going to have to rent a bob cat sometime to tear up our backyard and start over. Love your hanging planter. So pretty. We have moss in our yard from all the springs running under our ground. Only thing now a lot of it is drying up with no good rainfall in weeks.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the nest. Just the right touch! :-) Boys and their toys. Hope your hubs enjoys his!

  3. My hubby had a back hoe for years and it was his favorite toy! He would drive the boys around in the big scoop around our property just for fun (for him though he always said it was for the boys!!)
    The basket looks great!

  4. I cannot show this to my husband or he would be wanting one of these! Your hanging planter definitely says summer.

  5. Very lovely NOW... interesting place for summers.. hanging planter is one of my fav... lovely job
    please visit me if you can

  6. Your back door is prettier than most front doors! x Sharon

  7. Basket looks great. I see you haven't gotten the door back yet or was it just open? You'll have to post photos once you get it back. And Holy Cow Gary! is it big enough??

  8. BEAUTIFUL Kathy!! It might be the side entrance but it's so inviting!!LOVE that iron planter! Martina

  9. LOVe that basket. You did a fabulous job of putting it all together Kathy. Very welcoming.

  10. I bought a similar iron basket this spring and haven't yet done anything with it - thanks for the push! You're right - no shortage of moss up here!
    I won't be showing my husband your husband's new toy - he'll be seriously envious!

  11. Your porch and flowers look great. Says come on in!

  12. What a great post. I think your house is so beautiful!

    It's funny that people get "lost" and can't find your front door. :-)

    I'm loving the vibrant colors of these flowers. So enchanting! It's looking great.

    Have a Blessed Day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. I love the flowers in the hanging planter. This is so pretty now I am trying to think where something like that would work at my place.

  14. Lavender is best colour of every occasions. Spring is such a beautiful time to take photographs of awesome flowers or nature colours.