Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspiration for Master Bath Makeover

My Blue Pearl Granite
in the Master Bath

has had me perplexed from the minute
I laid eyes on it..

set the tone for the color of the bedroom

Blue is not my favorite color
I am comfortable with
~earthy tones~
golds, greens, reds

helped me love blue when she matched it up with
golds & browns

smart girl
 to make sense out of all the blue in the
~master bath~
sometimes it comes across as
black though....
like in this picture

wait until you see the luscious
Candice Olson fabric
for the
window treatments in
blue & gold
as we speak they are getting
all sewn up
I'm sooo excited..

Shelly will be here tomorrow to bring
in all the materials
and start date is
July 5th
so I am dreaming of having a
vanity & travertine flooring
hoping it will look as good as these...

This one has a ventian mirror
 a glass top
and it's blue
I just adore this wallpaper
big sigh...

home bunch
I just love that little chair

I wonder if I should have wallpaper like this?
a little too contemporary
for my traditional
master bath

A mirror on a mirror is an idea Jen thought might work..

hummmm, I do need something...

I have these glass knobs

I have wired for a lamp

Isn't this seat adorable

I love the legs on this baby
I would feel like a queen
sitting here

But these legs are on mine

This is more the size and shape of mine

I got my vanity from my very famous
blogger friend
whom I stalk
every chance I get

 (on the left)
had this for sale
her daughter
big clue...

last summer while re-doing Savannah's
she needed to get rid of a few
pieces of furniture
recognize this bedroom?
Lucky girl..
the picture above was taken
in this room before the

The uber popular
~My Sweet Savannah~
so I bought it
site unseen
just so I could stalk her some more...
See the cute little vanity
and chair
it used to be in the
(another room that's needs help)
well now it is in the garage waiting for a

isn't she adorable
with that curve at the
a glass piece will be going on the top
once she is sparkling clean

I love the chippy look
but it's not for my
very traditional

look at the chair that came with
those very sexy legs

I wonder where this chair came from?

maybe she needs a short skirt?

This is where they will be shortly...
(remember this used to be a door)

with this the crowning jewel
on top

can you see it yet?

So many little pieces to this puzzle
but I am having fun
putting it all
one piece at a time

Joining my friend Kim's


  1. Kathy I just love all those inspiration photos, can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it's going to look fabulous!! Martina

  2. Yes, I can see it Kathy! How you doing on your other project? I can't wait to see it.

  3. Kathy I can see it all coming together!! It will look fabulous!

  4. I'm enjoying this! I love blue and shy away from browns and tans, but I can see how well those go with the blue in your bedroom.

  5. Kathy,

    I'm impressed with your choices. They'll look really beautiful together.

    Thank you for mentioning "Home Bunch". I love those bathrooms! They're still on my mind! :-)

    I hope you have a beautiful day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. Can't wait to see the desk when you are finished. It is so pretty! You've got lots of great ideas! Visiting from the Wow Us Wednesday party!!

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