Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm home

Love, Love, Loved Maui

The coffee is out of this world

Did I mention there was lots of

Shopping at Wailea reminds me of Beverly Hills

Yummy, how cute is that for spring?

 So much fun with the Hubs before his
work week began

here we are walking back to the hotel on this cute little path
 from the shops

You would have thought we were in the jungle
and not in the hotel entry

Oh I love this hotel
~Grand Wailea~

Then loved going to the
Ladies Functions
there was the
~ Art Walk~
showing the... get this
50 million dollars
 worth of art in and on the grounds

Us girls had so much fun on our Art Walk

The very famous chapel
with beautiful commissioned
stain glass

Then there was the laying at the pool days

this was one
where we went most days

My beach buddy..
we have so much fun while the guys are

They even have a beach pool

The whales were the big story this year

They were swimming and breaching right here a few hundred yards off the beach

Funny story, I didn't even notice the girl
my hubby pointed her out while looking at this picture...
I was looking at the whales
see the big splash

can you tell I was missing my grands...
everybody feels like a kid on the beach


We ate way too much

partied too much

made puka shell neclaces
and enjoyed lovely Hawaiin evenings

But it's good to be back home
in our own bed
but what memories!


  1. Kathy so glad you had a great time, but who wouldn't in Hawaii!! You took beautiful pictures. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon 13 years ago , and stayed for 3 glorious weeks. I want to go back! Martina

  2. Welcome home my friend! It sure looked gorgeous there. Oh the shopping, I was drooling! You look so happy and glowing. Get some rest in your own comfy bed.

  3. Looked like a great trip. I am so jealous. I miss those trips. I can tell you had a great time. Always good to get back to our own bed.

  4. What a great time you must have had. The shopping area certainly looks a lot like Vegas!

  5. Pooka shell necklace, I think I still have mine from my first time in the 80"s. What fun to go shopping or at least window shopping! Glad you had a great time. Now, when are you going to stay "home" for a while?

  6. You know, I think your pics are better than the ones you posted from the hotel's site. This looks like so much fun, are you sure you don't need to stop in Ohio for a Bud or Miller, or anything alcoholic,?LOL! Cause I'll meet you at the airport!