Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor & A bit of the back story

This was a beautiful woman
no question about it

She had a passion for her charity
being as unpopular as it was back then
the girl had guts
and you have to give it her

I was never a fan of hers
knowing the back story...
you see my Mom's cousin
was her
in the movies
and Elizabeth was, well...
~Elizabeth the Star~
on the screen and off

on the left in the early 70's
left our little neck of the woods
and went to Hollywood right after high school
 she wanted to be in the movies
and she was...
lots of them, too many to count
but her biggest claim to fame as far as the family knew
was that she worked for
~Elizabeth Taylor~
as her stand-in
She would come home every Christmas
 and fill us with stories of our favorite movie stars
she had these long glamorous red nails
and well I was just in awe...
I wish I had more pictures to show you of Suzanne in her younger
working years
she was just as stunning to look at as
Suzanne is now retired and living in Palm Springs
so I get to spend time with her
during the winter
and go to her home
with hundreds of pictures of her with
movie stars scattered all over
a lot of
 she even kissed him in a movie once

Every time we go out to lunch
people come up to us asking 
who she is, they know she must be
Once a lady said "you look like a young Elizabeth Taylor"
Well that made our day! 
Suzanne still works out every day in the pool for 2 hours
she didn't smoke or drink heavy, or take drugs
like her boss did
so she is far healthier and  looks far younger than Elizabeth

At my home last summer

She still puts on all the make-up everyday as if she was going to work
that's not me but hey the last time we went out it was to the bank and this
little old man came up to her and said
"You look beautiful all dressed up, what a doll"
nobodies ever said that to me at a bank
or any place else come to think of it!

Well I called Suzanne when I had heard the news the other day
and she was very sad
she said all of Liz's friends have gone but
Mickey Rooney
But what a life they had..


  1. VERY interesting! Your aunt really did resemble Elizabeth Taylor. My family moved from Indiana to Yucca Valley, CA several months ago. We have enjoyed getting to know the history of Palm Springs and learning about the stars that lived in the area. Thanks for the insight you gave.-Laurie

  2. They are both beautiful women and I bet Elizabeth Taylor wished she had Suzanne's life. Suzanne is a remarkable woman. Great post.

  3. Wow! Your aunt is the spitting image of Elizabeth in that picture! But you are right, she looks much prettier(than Liz). You can tell she takes care of herself and she is still a total knockout! Great genes you got ther Kathy!

  4. Wow Kathy, she really did look like Liz but definitely in better shape now than Liz was! What a fun person she must be to talk with and hear all those stories from back in the day:) I was never a huge Liz Taylor fan either. Debbie Reynolds called in to one of our local news shows the other day and she and Liz Taylor had become friends over the years, she said she spoke to her before she passed and said "How are you doing?", Liz said "Getting old is Sh!T!!"...I thought that was funny!

    Thank you for sharing this Kathy!

  5. I can see how your aunt was a shoo-in to be a stand-in for Elizabeth Taylor. thx for following my blog:)

  6. What a neat post Kathy. This is the lady I always say reminds me of my MIL...very similar in the looks and flash:) And believe me many men tell my MIL how lovely she looks too. I once had a guy in Home depot tell me I was cute...of course he had no teeth and was dirty, but hey!
    Have a great night Kathy.

  7. That's so interesting! Your Suzanne is the picture of glamour - love it!

  8. Suzanne is totally adorable and how cool!

  9. Loved this post. She is gorgeous and so glamorous!

  10. Such an interesting story. I bet Suzanne had some great stories to tell. Too funny that she gets compliments in the bank - I have to admit I haven't either.