Sunday, January 9, 2011

Going back to School

Look what I got for Christmas that is
still sitting in it's box....

I am taking it out tomorrow
because I have a class...
I am going to school at the
Fabric store to learn
how to open the box the
sewing machine comes in....

Because I want to do this........
Decisions, Decisions....

My Bed in a bag is getting some sprucing up...
just don't know what yet...
The flowery material is going to be a window treatment
just don't know which kind yet????
The very cool Fleur de lis pattern
love, love, love this texture
is going to be ...pillows...bed skirt??
don't know but I've ordered up the fabric

Boy does this room need TLC
Or Jen....Oh Jen where are you???
I have a rug that came out of my other bedroom that I am
going to bring back down with us next trip
that should help with this existing carpet
Can you believe I got stuck with white carpet in both bedrooms?

 I will let you know how the class goes...
Will I get a D like I did in
Mrs. Fuchs 8th grade
Home Economics
~Stay tuned~


  1. I love, love, love the colors in your bedroom. It sure does inspire me to get busy with a redo on mine. I especially like the fleur de lis print. That might work with my comforter. It's old however I love the print. So why get rid of it?? Thanks for all the great inspiration! Good luck with your project.

  2. That was a funny post! I actually saw a really young couple at Joanne's Fabrics getting a sewing machine lesson. Your bedroom is goooorgeous! Good luck and let us know how it goes in class:)

  3. I've had a sewing machine for 30 years and am still intimidated. If I buy a new one it will be with a set of lessons.
    Good luck! Your ideas look great!

  4. Kathy, that is what I should do. Not very good at sewing and have a new machine, too. Happy learning and I love those fabrics.

  5. I can't sew either!!! I had a sewing machine once, it mysteriously disappeared, hmmm...cough cough. I love the f-d-l pattern for a bedskirt, that is just beautiful! Have fun, good luck!

  6. your choices are all wonderful...mixing patterns make for an interesting and professional look! you have an eye for design!!!!

  7. Good luck on your class!!!! I've always wanted to take those classes too! I'm sure you will do wonderful!!! Love your fabric choices!

  8. Oh I just love those fabrics Kathy, now I see why you loved the fleur de lis stencil....did you check the website?