Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 10th annual Reunion

This was the 10th annual Forcum Family Reunion
....we have had 7 at our place in Montana...
I wish I had pictures all organized from years prior
I will work on that
I have the last 2 years
Here are some of the

Last year the weather for the first time did not cooperate and we had
cold, rainy, windy weather

The clan had to gather for meals
in our tiny little farmhouse
30 some people and 8 dogs

However as it turns out....
seems I needed a bigger
dining room table
The Hubs didn't like this much
His sister said she would take the
didn't work that way
I suffered through it
But this year all was forgotten
he's used to the table being where his favorite
couch once was

This is a butterfly table
pulls out to almost the entire size of the room

And I guess the TV was a problem
needed to be bigger

The guys campaigning
for a larger one
and it should be

This one went back

Ok I can
handle this one

There was much celebrating in this
tiny little house

This was the last picture taken of our little
Kramer last year...I still miss him so much

Sour dough pancakes that have
been in the family for many
Aunt Linda has the starter
that originated in Alaska
Between her place and mine the
group gets fed

Nancy's first meal in 3 days
she was so sick with the flu
but she wouldn't miss the
sour doughs

This was her for 4 whole days
poor thing

meanwhile outside
things started happening....

Tractors were starting...

boats were put in the water
and some went
zip lining....
I don't have pictures of that
didn't go myself

But I did go watch the boating..

please, please can I go again?

Pretty Kelcy

Cute couple those two hmmmm...
 I imagine the next generation
is coming shortly
Don't tell her Mom I just said that

She's still Grandpa's

The girls before boating

and after...

The zip liners
they went up to
Whitefish Mountain
The food was always on the grill
it seemed

Ok I will just have to post more pictures in
volume 2
so many goods one to go through...
But I will leave with this adorable cutie

Other than barking at the 
 ~Big Dogs~
he was pretty good all week
and didn't get into too much trouble 


  1. How nice to be able to have this kind of family outing! Looks like lots of fun(minus the flu) and the landscape on which to do it, beautiful!

  2. Family reunions are so much fun. I just still can't get over the color of that lake.

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! I wish my family would have a reunion.

  4. Now THAT is the way to do a family reunion!! Looks like everyone had a blast :-)


  5. What a good looking family! And wow I felt the fun from here...just spectacular that you have created all these fond family memories.

  6. What a great party and what a fun family! I love your pictures and captions. What great memories for the young ones.