Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I miss my Grandkids

Annie, Mattie & Charlie
have been gone a week now...
it's been a very long week
  Every day we miss those kids
  After 3 weeks we were exhausted
we thought it would be good
 to get our quiet life back...
we were wrong

Everyday when I water my plants
I  (Oma) miss my helper

Every morning when I come out in my pj's to make the coffee
there is no Charlie Man needing his morning bottle

it's lonely around here
I loved giving them their baths everyday

I know Matthew misses her too..tee hee
she was such a little mother to him

She loved watching the dogs play

And having tea parties with Oma

And getting read to often

She will miss playing with Oma's
I-phone as much as she wants

She will miss her Great Grandma & Great Grandpa

She will surely miss her cousin Matthew

and his Daddy the crazy Uncle "Bear"

(Everyone says Charlie looks like Aaron)

and his mommy Aunt Melanie

and for sure she will miss

The babies consider Opa the best seat in the house

and the baking and laundry....

Of course she'll miss Starbucks

And the parks and the Zoo....

It is amazing all the work it takes to get
on an airplane with 2 kids...
Annie is amazing
doing it with ease..

I will miss these 3 more than
anyone knows

This is how I loved getting my rest

For those of you who have your grandbabies close
don't forgot how lucky you are


  1. Oh my... I'm going to give my grandkiddos an extra hug today. They are visiting from Mexico right now. Our granddaughter is six and our grandson is two. Fun ages!!
    Love your posting.
    Ladybug Creek

  2. What a beautiful family...How adorable~ I can see why you miss them :-)

  3. Those are some beautiful babies!!!! I would miss them too!!!

  4. Matthew sure is going to miss you guys while you are away! He had so much fun with you guys and getting to know Mattie and Charlie!