Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Macaroons from Laduree a sweet surprise

This last week I got the pleasure of keeping an eye on the neighbor girls while their parents went off to Paris.  Mary's good friend wanted to spend her 50th on top of the Eiffel tower having dinner and Mary and her husband were invited....WOW!  What a special time.

Well I enjoyed getting a chance to know the girls better and their Mom came back with a goody bag for me....I was secretly hoping for A macaroon from Laduree, maybe a pack of three...but a whole beautiful box I was not expecting and a candle....OMG I am spoiled and........ sick I just ate the whole box!  I figured that since I had been so good on my diet for the last 2 weeks that I would just have 1 and save the others for my Mom for Mothers Day...well then after the 3rd one my reasoning was just eat the whole damn box and get it over and start the diet back up tomorrow.  I am not kidding I ate the whole box there were probably a dozen in there, I don't know forsure as I didn't count them as I was eating........ I wonder if the sugar running through my veins will keep me up all night?

I LOVE my neighbor Mary it was the perfect thank you gift, I will never forget it.


  1. That place would be trouble! I could eat the entire box too. Hope all is well Kathy!

  2. mmmm those look so good! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I am really looking forward to meeting you at the market!! Let me know it's you! We'll have to get a photo together!!! :)