Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...Tomorrow we're off

Every year we go off for a week to the "Hubs" convention.   I can't wait.   He has to work, poor guy.
Click on the hightlight name and you can see how cool this place is...Scottsdale Hyatt at Gainey Ranch.

 Can I admit that this is my favorite vacation, him working all day and me watching movies in the morning with  room service, then laying in the sun getting poolside service all day, then evenings with his colleagues at the best restaurants? 
I will miss my puppy....but that is all I'll miss!


  1. Wonderful! Enjoy you relaxing vaca.....can I come? LOL!

  2. Holy crap. I think next convention Oma needs to bring her Grandkids and their Mom! It'd be so much easier to use the kids as bargaining chips if I lived closer..