Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goodbye Europe

We are packed up and ready to go home tomorrow.  Very bittersweet leaving my little 2 year old Mattie.  This morning I dropped her off at daycare and she said "Oma, no, please" If that doesn't break your heart, I don't know what does.  We were too sick today to keep her, we needed our naps today to get ready for the 24 hour traveling that it will take to get home.

We got in so much traveling on this trip that we are worn out but satisfied.  Of course a few little Germany overnight trips were fun and Normandy was always a dream for Gary to do but I didn't realize I would like it as much as he did.  I wanted Gary to see Paris and he didn't realize that he would love it as much as I do. On the trip over and back to France from Stuttgart there were some real interesting champagne and U.S.A. memorials to see.   However I think what surprised us the most was Austria.  Both Salzburg and Vienna were very unique and a huge find.  This is where we want to come back to.  A trip in the summer so we can go up in the Alps next time.  Of course it goes without saying that I have to come back to Paris...maybe a girls trip to do some flea-market shopping.  I was so close to doing that this time but with girls it would be better anyway....

We ran out of time to do Italy.  I think Italy should be a trip on it's own.  I would love to do Italy with someone who really knows where to go and what to see.  I would love to see the Tuscan countryside, the olive farms, the cheese factories, the glass from Murano, Venice, Sienna,  Florence, and the coast.  I don't want to have to do Italy on a tight schedule.  I have a lot of wants, I know I have big dreams. But sometimes dream do come true..............

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