Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why do I miss Paris?

We left Paris early in the a.m. and glad to not have traffic.  Annie says the French are "lazy" and so you can miss rush hour traffic if you leave before 8:00a.m.  She was right, by 7:30 we were on the road and breezed through town and the many different little highways that led to "our" main freeway out of town.

So many things about France I've learned:

Avoid at all cost while driving, a rest stop without a gas station....OMG don't do it!
No paper towels in restrooms...ever
Always take tissue with you wherever you go
Always take change for restrooms in case you have to pay
Do not expect a large cup of coffee to be over 6 oz....ever
Do invest in the best walking shoes you can find
Do not ever rent a car bigger than what you and your luggage will fit in or you will regret it
Always take a wash cloth..for some reason they do not believe in washcloths
Always and this is a must ,always pack light, this will keep you from feeling bogged down
I loved my Vera Bradley black purse that is a back pack, perfect for a camera and an umbrella

Expect to smell perfume on every woman and it is all wonderful
Expect to get great wine for 3 euros.....A BOTTLE
Expect to have an eclair like no where else in the world
Expect to have croissants that melt in your mouth
Expect to see the cutest, little pastry goodies you have ever seen, in every color
Expect to be blown away by the huge buildings that are grander than anything you've ever seen
Expect the countryside to be dotted with Chateaus in green pastures along the highway
Expect to be in love with Paris when leave

My husband was not a huge fan of France...has something to do with being a WW ll nut and thinks that we did so much for them and now they don't appreciate America. He was alright with me taking him to Paris but it was not high on his list of things to do.   After spending a week traveling around in our little (thank goodness) rental car from Northern Germany to Normandy and back, he has changed his mind about France.  He says he has never seen such beautiful countryside.  He has never seen a place with such awesome buildings (Paris) housing so much history.  Now he knows why I wanted to bring him here and show him this place.

My mom's cousin Dixie lives in Geneva, Switzerland and last year visiting her she told Becky and I that she would not allow us to leave without seeing Paris, so I thank her for for this experience, it was truly grand and only gets better every time.  I have to come back to do the flea markets... anyone want come with?


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