Sunday, March 24, 2013

a great giveaway

My daughter in law over at Killer Zebras is giving away cookies, so go check out her blog to enter and win some of her hand decorated cookies! The giveaway ends at midnight tonight so hurry over!

Here is a look at some of her most recent work

This was a set sent to me!

Good luck ladies!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Master Bath remodel done!!!!

the master bath remodel

the first thing the hubs told me when he looked at this house was
"your not going to like the master bathroom"
he and our real estate friend went

~he was right~
the big sunken jacuzzi tub was...
the big beautiful sinks were...

the toilet was blue

the granite is blue pearl
blue is not my favorite color
this is the original plan

the walls were butter
the ceiling was off white
the carpet was creme
~yes i said carpet in the bathroom~
the mill work was white white
and the cabinets were off white

the first change was paint
the interior designer that helped us in the beginning said
grey will make it all blend together and make sense of the granite
i was up for anything

boy that mill work sure does pop now
then there was adding some fun to the walls
inspiration from the towels
she did a
great job but just not
so then we tried another color that i love
a tan on the yellow side
this color was in the bedroom too...

i got that tub painted as well
they spray them just like
 the sinks were popped out
new ones dropped in
(luckily they still had the same sink in white at kohler)

next was the plan that got started last year
get rid of carpet
put in radiant heated travertine floors
change door location of toilet room
put in a pocket door
add doors to a cabinet that had a fridge in it
put in a glass/mirrored shelf unit


i didn't like seeing the toilet room as the first thing
you see when entering the bathroom

so out came the door
it hit the toilet anyway
new pocket door
this cabinet door was changed so that it is accessed
now from the toilet room
and holds spare tp

I love this deep little storage space

the towel warmer is now where the old door was
notice the new white toilet...

now this is what we've got

the window treatment was the icing on the cake...
how many guys does it take to install window treatments

candice olsen close out material..
i love, love, love this
my friend did all the labor
with the sun coming in from behind
it is hard to
this beautiful shimmering
window treatment

these finials are from the window treatment
in the kitchen that i took down
i used acrylic silver from a tube and just painted them
they are a perfect match to the granite now

pier one
venetian mirror from a antique store in montana
there used to be a fridge in those cabinets

I found a new clock at Ross

ready for a luxurious soak

and the final thing to get done was the
stenciling in
le toilette room

but my favorite part
other than my toes are now warm
in the morning..
is the beautiful window treatment

it just makes the room feel grand

it only took 5 years but it's done
my master bathroom
linking to
The party at Dedicated House
Coastal Charm
wish i was a better photographer to capture the pretty colors

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stenciling le toilette room

stenciling le toilette room in the master bath was a nasty job...
too many things to stencil around
towel warmer
but mostly

the stenciling in the little toilette room
was the final thing left to do in a
master bathroom makeover

i bought this stencil quite awhile ago
it's a swirly fun pattern
called Scroll Wall from
i thought that would be easier having a big one...
thinking now
next one will be smaller
couldn't get the corner thing figured out
and the stencil is pretty thick plastic
 doesn't like to go around corners....
waiting on my uber talented dil to do that for me
she will probably do it free hand....

since my walls are
10 feet high
the room is
wallpapering was going to cost a fortune
i wanted an embossed white wallpaper
that I could paint over
yikes...too much
so i thought what the heck i can do this stenciling thang...
i learned a lot!!!!
i read this post on stenciling from
young house love's blog
that my dil told me about
very helpful

it wasn't pretty as i am not an artistic person
luckily i chose a pattern that is very forgiving
what with so many swirly thingies going on
it is hard to tell where it starts and where it stops

oh the color was an issue too
i got a can of paint that was the same color as the wall
just had it made in high gloss thinking this would give a good contrast
~nope it didn't~
so my
gotta check out her crafty blog
bowl of oranges
 just kept adding white until we got the color right
there is lots of fixing to do
from when i left the stencil on too long
or took it off too quick
like i said  i learned lots,
i love stepping into the room now 
i loved stepping out of my comfort zone
and going from calculators
sponge brushes....

linking up to
Savvy Southern Style's
Wow us Wednesday's

big reveal tomorrow
the master bathroom make-over
that took almost a year

sneek peek
(my new pocket door)